#301 The story of the Desk

Hundreds of years ago in England and indeed throughout the English empire, the writing table was the de-facto center of written communication. It was that little somewhere about the house where one could pull out his fountain pen and sit comfortably scribbling some sort of useless nothing to that special someone else whom of which probably couldn’t even read.

That was then, move forward a hundred years or so to the 1900’s. Victor Pen the inventor of the device we all have come to call a pen.... was bent on world domination with his new product. Victor thought writing tables severely limited the use of his fantastic invention to one single place in the home or office – the writing table. Why the thing had one single drawer! Victor contacted his old friend and fellow entrepreneur Nicolas Desk whom himself manufactured writing tables. Victor tried in vane to have Nicolas design a new and innovate writing area but without success. Fortunately, Nicolas’s younger and some say smarter brother Bob was himself working on a new type of writing table design with God forbid, more than one drawer, three and four drawers at that. Victor insisted that Bob come up with a new name for his god forsaking device and so it was, Bob named it the Desk. The rest is history.

True Story