#300-2018 Custom home office install

Tables - We usually just make them and just flog them out the door but sometimes our customers want something that's made to fit a specific space.. 

We built this for a home office. Its a pretty big piece that's 6 ft by 10 ft by 8 ft... if i remember correctly?

We use new wood - Ash, reclaimed wood - hemlock from old Toronto homes and Douglas fir from old Toronto buildings. 

What can we build for you?

Forever Interiors is Our Name - Tables are Our Game

We are almost into summer and we're cranking out custom furniture like it's our job. (Oh wait, it is!) It has been harder to find reclaimed wood lately as it becomes more popular, but that hasn't stopped us. We've been making harvest tables, vanities, shelving, and much more. Here are some pictures of one of the many tables we've made for our customers this spring.

Top of an Up and Down table sold in our store made from reclaimed BC Fir.

Our Up and Down table continues to be our most popular table style because of its timeless design. The simplicity of the base allows the beauty and character of the wood top to be the star of the show.

This table was made with a live edge look where we gouged some of the sides before staining and varnishing it to give it a more rustic look. We can make this table any size and in any of our 6 stain colours. Stop by our store sometime or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for daily updates!

Cafe' Restaurant Serving counter

We're know for our tables, benches and the many reclaimed items that we build for your home but we have hundreds of pieces in Cafe's and Restaurants throughout Toronto. Above is a recent installation at Roncy's extremely popular Cherry Bomb. The serving counter includes a removable front panel (add new colours or texture), the top is a bowling alley floor - maple, and the base includes drawers and various shelves. What can we make for you?

Large Harvest Table in a Collingwood Home

Monday morning Martin and Joanna drove from our workshop in Toronto to Collingwood to deliver a beautiful 9' X-Frame Harvest Table with matching bench. 

Joanna took a really beautiful picture. There are a lot of things I like about this harvest table in this kitchen. I like the contrast with the kitchen counter tops. I like the dark chairs that marry well with the hot rolled steel frame. But, mainly, I like that the table stain is much lighter than the floor. The contrast is pleasing. In store, I regularly have conversations with customers who are looking to purchase a table but are concerned with matching the stain with the floor or they are worried that it will clash or looked jumbled and confused. I always defer to the experts here – Apartment Therapy. Back in September, Joanna posted to our facebook page an article about mixing wood finishes and its got some great tips. That article featured two wood harvest tables with finishes that contrast with a dark or light wood floor. They look great, and it looks great here in this Collingwood home.

The other reason I love this harvest table is due to to its width. Like the X-Frame Harvest Table in the showroom this table is extra wide and I can only imagine how grand it looks.

Dimensions: 9' x 40''
Top Material: Reclaimed BC Fir
Top Stain: Colonial American

Look at this Lovely Up and Down Harvest Table

Late Tuesday Martin and Stephan came busting in from the workshop with a dark walnut Up and Down Harvest Table and it is lovely. They brought the table in around 5pm and since our days are so short now it was already dark outside and the lights in the showroom really bounced off the table. I wish we could keep it here. But, it belongs to someone else.

As with everything at Forever Interiors this table can be customized to fit your home. 


Dimensions: 51/2ft x 3ft
Top Material: Reclaimed BC Fir
Top Stain: Dark Walnut

Working at The X-Frame Harvest Table

If you come into the showroom, no doubt you will see one of us sitting in the back of the shop working at the large harvest table among wrapped up benches ready for pick-up and wood stain samples. Often partially covered by drawings for new custom pieces, the charms of this table are not lost on most people who see it. This X-frame table with the Colonial American BC Fir top is incredibly comfortable to work at. The table is 6 feet long like so many others, however the width is almost 40 inches. At just over 3 feet wide, the extra few inches make this table nothing short of luxurious. 


Dimensions: 6'x40''
Top Material: BC Fir
Top Stain: Colonial American
Base: Hot Rolled Steel

Up&Down Harvest Table

Our ever popular Up&Down Harvest table. This 6x3 foot harvest table features as does all our tables - a BCfir top. Its stained in a Colonial American stain that shows both the grain and the character of the aged reclaimed wood top. 
This is Toronto wood at it's finest. All Forever Interiors tables feature wood obtained from old Toronto homes and churches... much history, much Toronto